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Our artificial inteligence learns from your digital footprint and generates different personas that are representations of your different personality characteristics.

Our service empowers individuals to own and use their personal data for private personal development, gaining insights into how companies perceive them online through virtual avatars that can be trained for their benefit.

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Get full ownership over your personal data

Our service provides the opportunity for individuals to take ownership of their personal data, and use it privately to enhance their personal development. Through our solution, you can gain insights into how companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and others perceive you online. By engaging with these virtual avatars, you can develop a better understanding of them and train them to work for your benefit.

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Chat with your personas, explore your identity, and get advice on your life and work decisions.

3. Get a guidance of a professional coach

Getguidance, support, and accountability towards achieving personal or professional goals.

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